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We have puppies!!!
On August 28, 2023, beautiful and healthy puppies were born.
The puppies will be ready for a new home on October 23!!!
Please contact us.


Puppies born in our kennel are brought up in a warm, family atmosphere, thanks to which they are healthy, happy and full of energy. We try to wisely prepare them for life in new houses, surrounding them with 24-hour care, special care and love. We get our babies used to care treatments, we feed them properly and socialize them properly. We provide them with various attractions through varied fun and taking them to new, interesting places. In this way, they learn proper relations with the environment. All the experiences gained during happy frolics and everyday activities help in getting to know the world. Taking responsibility for the lives of these wonderful canine children, we try to provide them with the best conditions for proper development, both physically and mentally. They grow up under the constant, professional care of a trusted veterinarian.

Between 3 and 16 days of age, our little ones have early neurological stimulation every day.

Benefits of stimulation:
1. Improving the functioning of the heart vessels.
2. Strengthening the circulatory system. 
3.Strengthening of the adrenaline-secreting glands. 
4. Increased resistance to stress. 
5. Increased resistance to disease.

The new owners together with the puppy receive:
- a health book with a complete set of tests, deworming and vaccinations appropriate to the age,
- a layette - a supply of food for the first days, a bowl, a leash, a blanket with the scent of mom,
- birth certificate authorizing the issuance of a pedigree by the Polish Kennel Club,
- bill of sale

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