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Golden Retriever

One of the dog breeds, belonging to the group of retrievers, flushing dogs and water dogs. The breed comes from Great Britain (Scotland), was bred in  XIX century. Golden Retriever is a very gentle dog, with the temperament of an eternal puppy - even in adulthood he loves to play and caress. Thanks to this, it is a play companion for children with whom it is ready to share any madness. Adult Golden (over 18 months) needs quite a lot of exercise. This can be perfectly accomplished by using his retriever instincts. It should also be taken on any trips, as well as for walks around the city. This is a breed that loves water. A puddle, lake, river or sea, whatever is at least a little wet, is an irresistible temptation for the Golden. Swimming is a great pleasure for him. He is an intelligent and sensitive dog, so you need to be skillful with him. He does not show aggression towards people or other animals. Goldens are excellent helpers for the disabled and are as popular in this role as Labradors all over the world. They are also great guides for the blind. Their temperament makes them excellent therapy dogs in hospitals and retirement homes. Dogs of this breed are often trained as guides with disabilities or because of their excellent sense of smell, police dogs (drug search) and rescue dogs, also used  in dogotherapy. He is a friendly, gentle and trustworthy dog. He is generally good-willed towards humans, so he is unlikely to be a guard dog. Sometimes he barkes at strangers, but it is rather a sign of joy, because he is a very sociable dog and very friendly to the whole world.

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