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Arkadia Dream (FCI) Kennel

"A dog is the only creature in the world who loves you more than loves himself"

We are a small, home kennel of Golden Retriever dogs, located at the foot of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. We are very lucky to live in the countryside, in a house situated among meadows and fields, very close to a large forest. Here you can meet beautifully feathered pheasants, deer and other animals. The children who grow up with us have excellent conditions for proper development. They learn about the beauty of the surrounding nature, they also learn to coexist with other animals, dogs and cats.

Dogs of this breed are very smart, friendly, always happy and easy to handle. They learn quickly, have a wonderful, gentle disposition. They are happy to follow their owner's orders because they love to receive praise. They are completely devoid of aggression, extremely social, they love being with people and above all they love playing with children. Properly trained, they can be ideal guides for people with disabilities, they are also perfect for dog therapy.

Our goldens are full members of the family, they participate in all domestic activities. They accompany us during holiday trips, walks and games. We have surrendered our whole life to them ... in return we receive boundless love and devotion that are unparalleled.

The Kennel Club of Poland (ZKwP) is the only organization in Poland affiliated with the 

Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).




One of our puppies - KODI - bravely passed Campbell's test
and a series of trainings and became a rescue dog. He has already participated in many actions.
We are very proud of him. We wish him safe service and success.

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